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Going forward, successful innovation in distribution calls for market making, rather than simply gaining market share. Inodis is a distribution company focused entirely on creating new markets by taking innovative technology products to market.

All products distributed by Inodis share the same idea of empowering people by using technology to bring people and products together. Each is ground-breaking in its field.

Our ambition is to realise the benefits of a connected world. It’s a broad idea that depends not on a single product but on inspired distribution.



To be the leader in the distribution of innovative, smart, connected monitoring and tracking devices, that transforms the way people and products interact for the better, and deliver profitable new opportunities for our customers. 


We are customers' and distribution partners' first choice in innovative, smart monitoring and tracking products. We provide enterprise performance and quality, offer asset safety and security, and deliver agile and adaptable solutions. Our leadership position is based on our unique expertise, partner network, and a commitment to outstanding service.

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