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Based on decades of R&D, our technology partners have led innovation in sensor, capture, data communication and application technology in the field of smart connected solutions, also referred to as Internet Of Things (IoT). 

Every step on the way, components have been rigorously vetted and selected. Circuit boards have been designed with consideration to maximum efficiency and speed; minimum power consumption; and optimised durability.

Our software engineer partners have created truly stunning user experiences for leveraging business intelligence and enabling optimal decision making for organisations across the globe.


Heavy Duty

Tough Tracker

Bullet proof, plug & play, industrial, heavy duty, GPS tracker. Worldwide coverage. Suitable for trucks, shipping containers, industry machinery and other high value assets. Up to 10 years operational life.


Tough Tracker XS

A compact, high-strength, durable tracking device for continuous monitoring of high value assets.

Tough Tracker XS is designed to work under rough environmental conditions. Suitable for external installation.


Lease Tracker

Effortless GPS tracker deployment, ideal for rental, fleet, private hire and leasing companies. Reduces risk of theft and expensive recovery costs.

Built with latest battery technology and custom power management algorithms to give Lease Tracker a 5 year lifespan.


Direct View

The Direct View asset tracking solution offers a unique, non-intrusive, scalable solution for managing assets across the supply chain in real time. Built on leading solar and battery management technology. Reusable tags have a massive 10 year lifespan.


Asset Traka

High quality, all-purpose asset tracker, with
30 cm precision giving you total confidence.

Asset Traka operates up to 4 years and is ideal for the use of protecting boats, jetskis, caravans, trailers and bikes etc. 

Easy to use with world-wide coverage.

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