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Our product portfolio is centred on the latest monitoring and tracking technologies that drive real-time knowledge and business intelligence.

Decades of research and development in the field of IoT underpins leading edge performance and

product design to meeting today's rigorous customer demands. Multiple aspects are covered, including

form factor, feature richness, reliability, ease of use, cost of ownership, safety and durability.

Products utilise technology solutions which are patented or currently patent pending.

Fully managed and easy-to-use cloud solutions for web and mobile enable business analytics and insights. Crucial knowledge is gained, for optimal decision making and to drive business efficiency, improve bottom lines and customer success - ultimately an organisation's competitive edge in a dynamic world. 


Industry grade

All products are built using high quality industry grade components, directly reflected in tracking performance and location accuracy. The high quality GPS chip offers a remarkable 30 cm (one foot) accuracy, compared to standard GPS of 300-500 cm (9-15 feet) accuracy.


Performance and scalability

Every millisecond counts in digital communication. A system will never be better than its weakest link. Hence, a tremendous R&D effort has gone into establishing the optimal balance and harmony between hardware and software. 


Innovative power and battery management

Innovative power consumption and management technology, combined with high quality batteries, result in products lasting for up to 10 years! Our manufacturer has unparalleled experience in balancing hardware and software to extend service life and product reusage.  


Durability, safety and security

Products are certified to CE, WEE, RoHS and IP67, for safety and regulatory compliance. Material for external chassis and product shells are made with high quality materials offering maximum durability, and are water and heat resistant when required. 


Cloud analytics and management

Management of tracked objects is done through the web or mobile apps. The easy-to-use applications have been developed with careful consideration of the user experience (UX). The cloud system delivers on-demand analytics and insights, supporting organisations by delivering competitive advantages.


Simplicity - managed service

Simple deployment and operation of production systems have been critical factors when designing solutions. For maximum simplicity our products are self-configuring, i.e. connecting transparently to the Internet anywhere in the world. Individual customer tracking devices connect to our managed cloud, where customers are given a private space. All customer devices are managed through their

administration tools and dashboard.


Integration to enterprise systems

The cloud system offers APIs for service integration to enterprise legacy systems. Data requests are made through a secure connection, reducing the risk of spoofing and hacking of data. Integration

can be made at any point in the customer process or supply chain, enabling a higher degree of process automation.

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